The modified XE5 Android keyboard three questions

The modified XE5 Android keyboard three Recommended for you: Get network issues from WhatsUp Gold.Not end users.

Note: XE5 is the keyboard on the Android platform, currently found in the following:

According to hide the keys on the keyboard, unable to a page (need to modify the XE5 source code「FMX.VirtualKeyboard.Android.pas」). According to hide the keys on the keyboard, unable to trigger the OnVirtualKeyboardHidden event. Close the keyboard, then one cannot display the keyboard (most machines have this problem, the measured Nexus 7 II do not have this problem.).

Applicable: Delphi XE5 update 2

Reference: this modified method is the perfect solution for reference "XE5 An Zhuoxia virtual keyboard hidden no event BUG. "Thank.

Download the source code: The modified XE5_Android keyboard three problems of.Zip

Keyboard problem is found, need to modify the XE5 source code "FMX.VirtualKeyboard.Android.pas" can be amended, modified files have been placed on top of zip source code, alter the contents as follows ({+++>} for the increased part{}function ObtainKeyboardRect: TRect;varContentRect, TotalRect: JRect;beginContentRect := TJRect.Create;TotalRect := TJRect.Create;MainActivity.getWindow.getDecorView.getWindowVisibleDisplayFrame(ContentRect);MainActivity.getWindow.getDecorView.getDrawingRect(TotalRect);Result := TRectF.Create(ConvertPixelToPoint(TPointF.Create(TotalRect.left, + ContentRect.height)),ConvertPixelToPoint(TPointF.Create(TotalRect.right, TotalRect.bottom))).Truncate;end;{}// Here only to solve: hide on the keyboard, can't press on a page problem (according to the last page, will perform here)if FState = vkbsVisible then if ObtainKeyboardRect.Height