Games Children Play, Parody Song Lyrics of Joe South, "Games People Play"

Games Children Play, Parody Song Lyrics of Joe South, "Games People Play"AFW - Great parody to a very classic sixty's song that I know well.Excellent write to a refreshing OS.I prefer my 16 year old playing electronic games as opposed to being in gangs or worse - do the things I did as a kid growing up:

I don't know what is worse.What I did as a kid or what the kids are doing today.I had for my playground a real railroad and a real coal mine.At the mine we used to play "Hollywood Stuntman".Our favorite "stuntman" gig was done on the roof of a three sided galvanized steel framed shack with a pot belly stove in the center that the guys who loaded up the railroad coal cars used to keep themselves warm in during the winter.We would get the pot belly stove so hot using coke, (not the nose kind and not the kind you drink) a byproduct of coal that burns extremely hot that is used to make steel.We would then fill an aluminum bucket full of oil that was stored for recycling at the mine.The pot belly stove was so super heated that it was red and wavy as it neared its melting point.One at a time we would get to the roof of the shack from a hillside on the back side of the structure.We would then pour the entire bucket of oil down the stove pipe.The resulting fireball went to about 100 feet in the air.We would then jump through the flame to the ground behind the shed.The steel roof forced the flames to shoot outward before they shot upward thus sparing us from instant incineration and conflagration.We did this hundreds of times and no one was ever even slightly hurt.Not even a sprain jumping from the roof.The trees around that shed did not fare as well.They all got kind of really singed and burnt like. This was not the most dangerous thing we did.Some of the stuff we did involved blasting caps and dynamite. Our video games were real.