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Sherlock, you home?夏洛克,你在家吗I think we need a new bulb in the foyer.门厅要换个新灯泡了Tell me where Holmes is, and I'll let you live.告诉我福尔摩斯在哪,我就放你一条生路You looking for this?你在找这个吗I'm going to ask you one more time.我再问一次Where is Holmes?福尔摩斯在哪That's pathetic.太可悲了吧Sherlock?夏洛克Now you hit me. Seriously?现在你倒打我了,不是吧What is your damage?你有什么毛病啊Look, given that you were held at gunpoint鉴于你一周前在这间房里in this very room little over a week ago,被人用枪挟持I thought, perhaps, a test of your我觉得,也许该测试一下ability to defend yourself was in order.你的自卫能力It was.看来的确如此You have much to learn about the art of self-preservation.你可得好好学习自卫的艺术Okay, if you ever do that again, I swear...你再敢这么做的话,我发誓...You'll what? Fall over again?你要怎样,再摔倒吗Look, the work I do is dangerous.干我这行很危险You know this,你知道的yet you insist on accompanying me但你却坚持virtually everywhere I go.到哪都陪著我Last week, a violent criminal上周,一个暴力罪犯infiltrated this brownstone while I wasn't here.趁我不在要潜入家里Hmm? How? You opened the door for him.你怎么做的,你给人家开了门He was a federal agent.他是名联邦探员Right, they never do anything wrong, hmm?是啊,他们就不干坏事了,对吧Realizing that you were in physical danger得知你人身安全受到危害was difficult for me.让我很难受If anything ever happened to you,你要出了什么事I'm not sure I could forgive myself.我一定不会原谅自己Okay, this is not how you express concern即使你希望一个人安全for someone that you want to keep safe.也别通过这种方式来表示关心Quite right, so I've reached out没错,所以我联系了to a handful of martial artists市里一些武术家who reside in the city, each one of them他们每一位都an expert in his or her fighting style.武艺超群My hope is some combination of them will agree to train you.我希望他们有人愿意训练你In the meantime, you should expect同时,我还会突击试验more guerilla-style tests of your ability to fight back.你还击的能力You have been warned.我可提醒过你了This is Captain Gregson.我是格雷森警监Leave a message.请留言Hey, captain, it's Bell.警监,我是贝尔Uh, sorry to call so late,这么晚打给你真不好意思but I thought you would want to know不过我觉得你会想知道the Rodriguez thing is taken care of.罗德里格斯的事已经处理妥当了He finally copped to that holdup in Queens.他终于承认皇后区的持枪抢劫案是他做的I'm headed home now.我在回家路上I'll bring you up to speed in the morning.明早再向你报告最新进展We're still waiting for ballistics to come back,我们还在等弹道比对结果but inital indications are that this was done不过初步调查显示这是with a semiautomatic MP5.半自动MP5造成的The MP5 meets all the requirementsMP5能满足潇洒而老派的for a good, old-fashioned drive-by.驾驶射击所有的要求It can be held with one hand by a lone driver,可以一手开车,一手拿枪it has a large magazine,这枪的弹仓很大and in the hands of a marksman,在神枪手手上it's quite accurate at close range.近距离射击很精准You, sir, were not assailed by a marksman.而你,长官,袭击你的人可不是神枪手Well, thank God for bad aim.感谢上帝他准头不好And air bags.或者感谢安全气囊吧Yep, I can tell from the pattern of the holes从这些弹孔看来that the bullets were fired in three-round bursts子弹是从来复枪管from a rifle barrel as opposed to a smoothbore,三发点射的,而不是无膛线枪which suggests that whoever's behind the attack表明行凶者has access to high-level firearm augmentation.可以接触到大量军火Even if the location of the holes就连弹孔的位置reveals him to have terrible aim.都能表明这人准头不好You really shouldn't have jerked your wheel.你真不该猛打方向You would've come out without a scratch.不然肯定就安然无恙了Now you tell me.你个马后炮It's funny, detective-- the second I heard好笑的是,警探,我一听到about the attempt on your life, I dove into your case history.你有人袭击你,就去查了你的档案I thought it would be only a matter of time我以为嫌犯浮出水面before the culprit's identity presented itself.只是时间问题罢了I was wrong.我错了You've done excellent work over the years.你这么多年创造了不少丰功伟绩Made a lot of enemies. There's no shortage也树敌不少of people who would like to see you dead.很多人都想要你的命You say it like it's a good thing.听你说好像这是件好事Well, there is, in my humble opinion,在下愚见,这对一个探员来说no greater compliment an investigator can receive.可算是最高荣耀了Speaks to the quality of your work.代表了你的功绩Well, do you think we should dive back into the files那你觉得我们是否该回顾以前的档案and get more specific about who was trying找出昨晚到底是谁to compliment Detective Bell last night?想要"褒奖"贝尔警探Uh, no need, actually.事实上,不必I know exactly who did this.我知道是谁干的Curtis Bradshaw.柯蒂斯·布拉德肖Old-school gangster and all-around scumbag.老派的帮派分子,彻头彻尾的卑鄙小人He was the target of a detail我09年接到一件案子I was assigned to in '09,他是目标人物back when I was still a uni.那时候我还是制服警员Aspiring drug kingpin, I see.他是个大毒贩At the height of his power,凭借自己的势力he was selling product all over the city.在全市买卖毒品Had a crew of almost 100, and they were moving in手下有百来号人,他们还跑去on other gangs' territories, so it was getting bloody.其他帮派的地盘,闹得满城风雨Hence the detail.接着是案子的资料Says here he was suspected of crimes这里写着,他曾是多起案件的嫌疑犯ranging from racketeering to torture and murder.从勒索,折磨到凶杀都有Yet he was arrested in 2011然而他在2011年on the mere charge of possessing stolen property.因持有赃物被捕Sentence to three years, just served 18 months.判了三年,只做了18个月的牢Bradshaw was smarter than your average street thug.布拉德肖比一般的街头流氓要聪明得多He always flew under the radar;总能让他逃脱罪责kept just enough distance between himself坏事都让手下去做and the crimes that were being committed by his crew.自己不经手One of the detectives on the detail...当时有个查这案子的警探well, he got frustrated.他很沮丧Stole some heroin from the evidence room在证物房偷了些海洛因and planted it in Bradshaw's home.嫁祸给了布拉德肖Well, Bradshaw was arrested,布拉德肖被捕了but then, a few days later,几天后someone called with an anonymous tip,有人匿名报警told I.A. what happened.把真相告诉了上头We had no choice but to cut Bradshaw loose.我们没办法,只能放了布拉德肖Now, I continued to work the detail,我就继续查那件案子went undercover for a while,做了一段时间卧底got to know his crew inside and out.彻底跟他手下混熟了Still couldn't find enough evidence to connect him还是没有证据证明to the drugs they were trafficking, so...他和非法交易毒品案有关So you "caponed" him.于是你就"阉"了他You arrested him用无关痛痒的罪名on a less significant charge逮捕了他just to get him off the street.让他消失于街头While he was gone, we continued to chip away at his empire.他入狱后,我们不断削弱着他的帮派I went after his lieutenants--我去追查了他的副手they weren't nearly as careful as Bradshaw was--他们就没有布拉德肖那么小心了and I managed to put most of them away.我成功将他们大部分人送入大牢Six months into his sentence,他被判了六个月all he had left were a few corners.出狱后就只剩下残桓断壁了Obviously you did a lot of damage, but how can you很明显你让他大伤元气,但你凭什么肯定be sure it's the same shooter from last night?他就是昨晚对你开枪的人呢This was Bradshaw's baby.这辆是布拉德肖的爱车It's also the car that pulled up alongside me.也是昨晚开在我边上的车Now, he told me before his trial他在审讯前跟我说he was going to come after me himself.他会亲自追杀我And last night, he finally did.昨晚,他终于来了Obviously, I can't have Bell here显然,我不能让贝尔在这investigating his own attempted murder.调查他自己的谋杀未遂案And since we just put eyes on Bradshaw,由于我们刚抓住布拉德肖I thought maybe you could come with me to question him?也许你能跟我一起去审问他I suppose I could lend my services.我应该能帮忙Thanks for not making me beg.谢谢你没让我求你Hey, you got a message at the intake desk.前台有你的字条We were on our way up,我们正好要上来said we'd pass it along.就顺便带给你了What kind of a name is Mr. Cheese?奶酪先生算什么名字啊He's, uh, one of my CIs; he's shy.他是我的线人,很怕生What about last night?昨晚怎么了Yeah, it was just...就是...Car took the worst of it.车伤得比较重I'm glad you're doing okay.很高兴你没事How many times did you and her have sex?你俩滚了几次床单God.天呐My over/under is ten.我猜大概十次左右Officer Reyes is an old friend.雷伊斯警官是位老朋友Her partner doesn't like you very much.她的搭档不怎么喜欢你It's probably because he'd like to have sex with her as well这或许是因为他也想上她and when I say "as well"我说了也I mean in addition to and separate from,但你未被计入第三方not including you as a third party.无论也字是包含在句子中还是分离与句子外I know what you meant.我知道你的意思She boxes.她打拳击I can tell from her knuckles and the tape residue.我能从她的指关节和包手带的残留物中看出Perhaps she would agree to spar with you,或许她会同意跟你较量一番give me an idea of, uh, what you might be like我觉得吧,或许你会喜欢with an opponent in your similar weight class.跟你同一重量级的对手You sure this sudden new interest in my safety你确定你突然对我的人身安全感兴趣has nothing to do with watching two women不是因为你想看两个女人engage in some foxy boxing?打一场性感的拳击赛吗You think you're foxy?你认为你性感吗You two ready?你们两个准备好了吗50 on my kid right here.我出50块赌我的小子赢Let's play some "D," Let's play some defense.玩点防御,大家玩点防御啊Guys, come on, you got to play some "D."大伙,你们得玩点防御Curtis Bradshaw.柯蒂斯·布拉德肖Captain Gregson, NYPD.格雷格森警探,纽约警局These are my associates, Holmes and Watson.他们是我的同事,福尔摩斯和华生I'd like to ask you a few questions.我想问你几个问题You're blocking my view.你挡住我的视线了Oh, yeah?是吗Imagine what the view's gonna look like from the precinct.想象一下从管区里看到的是什么景象Can you account for your whereabouts你能说出昨晚十点到十点半之间between the hours of 10:00 and 10:30 last night?你身在何处吗Why would I need to?为什么我要这么做'Cause someone took a few shots因为有人朝你的一位老朋友at an old friend of yours.开了几枪Detective Marcus Bell.马库斯·贝尔探员You know, I heard something about that on the news.我从新闻上听到了一些事Somebody fired a whole clip into his car有人朝他的车开了整整一弹匣的枪and didn't hit him.却没打中他See, the thing with him is,他的问题就是you got to aim low.你得瞄准得低一些Your car was seen leaving the scene of the crime.有人目击到你的车离开案发现场You're going to have to be more specific.你得说的具体些I have a few.我有好几辆车1968 blue Chevy Biscayne.1968年款的蓝色雪佛兰比斯肯Get out of here.胡说八道吧That car was stolen two nights ago.那辆车两个晚上前被偷走了Did you report the car stolen? Hey, you know what?你报失了吗, 你知道吗As a matter of fact, I was going to do that today.事实上我今天就要去举报I'm going to ask you one more time, Mr. Bradshaw:我再问你一遍,布拉德肖先生Can you account for your whereabouts or can't you?你是否能说出自己的行踪Yo, he was with me, man.他跟我在一起,老兄We went to the movies.我们去看电影了We didn't leave till after midnight.直到午夜我们才离开No, man, you're wrong.老兄你说错了He was with me last night.他昨晚跟我在一起He was playing cards at my cousin's place.他在我表亲家打牌呢You pick the alibi you like the best.挑一个你最喜欢的不在场证明吧You a gambling man, Mr. Bradshaw?你赌博吗,布拉德肖先生I've been known to make the occasional wager, but...我有小赌怡情的名声,但是I bet you I can put that ball in that hoop from here.我跟你打赌,我能从这里把球投进篮里If I win, tell us如果我赢了,你就告诉我where you abandoned the car last night.你昨晚把车丢弃到哪里了You win, tell us nothing.你赢了,你什么也不用说British globetrotter here.英国的观光客啊Do you agree to the terms of the bet or not?你同意不同意我的赌约See what you got, homey?看你有什么能耐,死宅What you got? What you got?你有什么能耐,有什么能耐Look at this guy. He's a clown.看看这家伙,他就是个小丑He wasn't going to tell us anything anyway.反正他也不会告诉我们任何信息的You gonna get that ball, right?你会取回球的,对吧Marcus "Bulletproof" Bell."防弹小子"马库斯·贝尔I take it you heard about what happened last night.我就当你已经听说了昨晚的事No thanks to you.多亏了你I had to hear about it on the news.想不听说,新闻也播了So I hit you up at the station.我去警局请求见你I wanted to make sure you was okay.我想确认你是否没事了Now, I know you don't like me calling you there,我知道你不喜欢我去那里找你so I used a code name.所以我用了代号Well, your old gang name is not a code name.你的旧帮派名不是代号So, this guy, the shooter...这个家伙,枪击者what'd he come at you with?他拿什么袭击的你Modified MP5.改装过的MP5冲锋枪You know, um, I still know some people.你知道,我还是认识些人的I could ask around, see who's strapped我可以到处打听打听,看看谁with that kind of hardware.跟这些武器装备有关联Not without violating your parole, you can't.这会妨碍你的假释,你不能去Uh, these are for you.这些是给你的It's just a few things to tide you over.就是些能助你渡过难关的东西Appreciate it.我很感激Been pretty sick of the unsold burgers每天晚上他们让我带回家的they let me take home from work every night.卖不出去的汉堡我已经吃烦了Hoping to see my PO next week,下周去见我的假释官时see if he can hook me up with a better job.看看他不能给我搞到个好点的工作You're not him, by the way.话说你不是他My parole officer.我的假释官You don't have to case my place你不用侦察我的住所to see if I've been up to anything.来查看我是否打什么坏主意I'm not casing anything, Andre.我没在侦察,安德烈What, you think I'm stupid, Marcus?你认为我是个笨蛋吗,马库斯You've only been out a few weeks.你出来没几个星期I'm just trying to look out for you.我只是试着为你着想You don't got to look out for me, okay?你不用为我着想,好吗I look out for you.是我为你着想I'm the big brother here.我是大哥哥Andre... I'm serious, Marcus.安德烈, 我是认真的,马库斯I know you're embarrassed.我知道你狠尴尬A cop with an ex-con in the family.一个警察的家人里有前科犯But it is what it is.但事实就是如此When Detective Bell said that Curtis Bradshaw贝尔警探说柯蒂斯·布拉德肖was smarter than the average thug,比街头流氓要聪明he was putting it mildly.他说的还是委婉了He never came within 1,000 yards他从不接近of the drugs he was distributing.他卖的毒品1000码以内He allowed a small cadre of trusted lieutenants他允许他信任的副手中的一小撮骨干to oversee almost every transaction.去监督每一笔交易I'm beginning to see why the detective on his detail我渐渐开始明白为什么专注于他的警探felt compelled to plant evidence in his home.不得不将证据栽赃到他家Mickey Hudson, right?米基·哈德森,对吗Most of these are his notes.这里大多是他的笔记I was thinking he might be a good person to talk to.我觉得他是约谈的合适人选Yes, he might be.是的,他也许是If he wasn't so very dead.如果他没有完全的死掉Hudson was brought up on charges in 2009,2009年时哈德森被起诉committed suicide just before the trial began.在快开庭审理之前自尽了Don't you think it's weird that Bradshaw布拉德肖亲自去追捕贝尔went after Bell himself?你不觉得奇怪吗I mean, he doesn't like to get his hands dirty.我的意思是他不喜欢弄脏自己的双手So, why not farm out the hit to one of his lieutenants?为什么不把枪击这事转交给他的副手His grudge with Bell is very clearly personal.他跟贝尔是个人恩怨Nothing makes a smart man stupid没有什么能像对复仇的渴望一般like a thirst for vengeance.把一个聪明人变笨As you well know, I speak from experience.你知道的,这是我亲身经历的感受I appreciate your help with these files, by the way.另外,我很感激你帮我过目这些文件No, Bell is family at this point.不,此时此刻贝尔如家人一般Well, he's an excellent resource.他是个出色的资源He's come to appreciate the efficacy of my methods,他曾来找我,称赞了我的破案手法的效率and he shares sensitive information when needed.在有需要的时候,他分享了敏感信息Yeah. If he's murdered,如果他被谋杀了I'll have to start over with another detective.我就得重新结交另外一名探员Well, I'm going to order some Thai.我要去订些泰国菜了Do you want anything?有什么你想要的吗What the hell was that about?! Don't be cross.你到底要干什么, 你别生气It could've been a knife.这或许会是把刀I told you to expect more tests of your reflexes我说了,在教练给我答复之前while I await word from potential trainers.会有更多的反应力测试Because you're afraid I might get hurt. I remember.因为你害怕我会收到伤害,我记得In case you haven't noticed,也许你还没意识到the only person who has been hurting me is you.唯一一个伤害过我的人是你You're angry. That's good.你生气了,这很好Come on, come at me. Come on. Come on!来吧,冲我来,来,来啊These locks... you put them in some special order这些锁,那天你是按照特殊顺序the other day, right?把它们挂起来的把,对吗They're arranged in country of origin.它们是按照原产国排列的Do it again.你有种再试试Excuse me, sir?不好意思,先生Sir, you can't sit there.先生,你不能坐在那里Sir!先生Fine, have it your way.好吧,随便你了I'm calling the police.我要叫警察了It's Paula, correct?你叫宝拉,对吗Officer Reyes.请叫我雷伊斯警官You, you're the consultant, right? Yep.你就是那个顾问,对吗, 是的We have a mutual friend. Detective Bell.我们有个共同的朋友,贝尔警探Although I've never seen him naked.尽管我从没见过他裸体Hey. Little respect.放尊重点I was wondering if you might tell me where you box.我在想你能否告诉我你在哪儿打拳I'm looking for a gym for my associate, Ms. Watson.我在为我的陪护华生小姐找健身房How did you know I boxed?你怎么知道我练拳击No more talking.别再说话了Not now.现在别说Captain.警监If you're thinking about pulling a rabbit如果你要用什么绝招out of the hat, get to it, would you?你就会用的,是吧Media's already working a "Killer cops" angle.媒体已经采用了"警察杀手"的论调They think this is retribution他们认为这是报复for the attack on Detective Bell.贝尔警探遇袭Ridiculous.荒谬Astute, actually.事实上,是机敏You think a cop did this?你认为这是个警察做的I'm afraid I found evidence恐怕我已经发现了证据that would suggest that Detective Bell did this.能证明这是贝尔警探做的It's a boot print.这是个鞋印So what?然那又怎样It's a size ten.十号尺码Pergotti.柏高帝I know I'm a detective, Holmes,我是个警探,福尔摩斯but part of a boot print残缺不全的脚印doesn't really tell me a whole story.说明不了案发的全过程I found this print precisely where the killer我恰巧在杀手枪击布拉德肖时站的地方was standing when they shot Curtis Bradshaw.发现了这只鞋印Then I remembered your dark gray summer suit然后我想起了你九月时最喜欢穿的you favored in September.深灰色夏季套装Always paired with your brown Pergottis.总是搭配着褐色柏高帝鞋You are a size ten, aren't you?你是穿十号的鞋,对吗Captain.警监I'm confused.我有点困惑You guys coming at me?你们是冲着我来的Of course not.当然不是But the press is just hung up on the timing.但是新闻报道因为时间赶巧而不安It's just an ugly piece of luck.只是运气不好If it's just about timing, why is Holmes如果真是因为时间赶巧,为什么福尔摩斯standing in my house talking about my shoes?会站在我家里跟我讨论我的鞋子Did you guys forget there were two uniforms你们忘了昨天晚上posted outside my door all night last night有两个穿制服的在我门外站了一整夜in case Bradshaw came after me again?以防布拉德肖再找上门来吗That's not much of an alibi, I'm afraid.恐怕那不能为你提供不在场证明I've already calculated six different ways我已经想出了六种不同的方法that you could have given those patrolmen the slip.来摆脱那些巡逻警察Fine. Four avenues of escape,好吧,四种逃跑的方法plus two variations on the fifth.第五种分两个变种There's the back balcony, the fire escape...包括后阳台,消防通道I know we're not the best of friends or anything,我知道我们两个不是最好的朋友but do you honestly believe I would kill a man?但你真的相信我会杀人吗Even one as worthless as Curtis Bradshaw?甚至像布拉德肖这种没用的人I should think anyone might kill,我要考虑到所有的可能性given the right circumstances.然后确认正确的情况But no, I don't think that you但是,我不认为你would shoot a man in cold blood.会冷血地杀死一个人Good.很好Nevertheless, you will need answers rather than indignation然而,当我们以外的其他人when these questions are being posed问起这些问题的时候by someone other than us.你需要的是回答而不是愤怒Can you give us a minute?你能让我们单独待一会儿吗Water closet?最近的水在哪儿If that means bathroom, I'm sure you can find it.如果你指的是洗手间,我确定你能找到What's he mean, questions being asked?他说的是什么意思,有人问起的时候You guys got a print from a boot a thousand guys must own.那鞋印来自一款几千人会穿的鞋子We also got a perp who took two center mass.我们还知道疑犯能打中两处要害Just like they trained us at the academy.就像我们在警校受的训练一样And nobody else with a gun knows where to aim it?难道别人有枪还不知道要瞄准哪里吗You got any real suspects?你们找到了真正的嫌犯吗If we did,要是我们找到了I wouldn't have to put you on administrative duty.我就不会让你履行行政职责了Hey, I don't bench you,我不是针对你how's it going to play?演场戏怎么样We're going to color inside the lines on this.这件事我们就认真对待That way, when it's over, everyone knows you're clean.等事情结束,大家都会知道你是清白的Whenever you're ready, Captain.你准备好了就来,警监Whoever did this, we're gonna find him.不管是谁做的,我们都会抓到他I promise you.我保证You were held at gunpoint?你被枪口指着We both were. Me and Sherlock's friend.我们都是,我和夏洛克的朋友His ex-dealer.以前卖他毒品的人There was a struggle.他们打了一架Uh, the man with the gun was incapacitated,持枪的人被制服了but then Rhys was shot in the abdomen.但是,瑞斯腹部中枪了I was able to stabilize him until the paramedics took over.护理人员来之前我一直让他保持稳定Did he pull through, the man who was shot?他挺过来没,那个中枪的人Yes, he did. What about you?是的,挺过来了, 你怎么样Have you noticed any post- traumatic symptoms in yourself?你发现自己有创伤后遗症吗Anxiety?比如焦虑No.没有Nightmares?恶梦I-I've been sleeping just fine.我睡眠还行You know I've always been supportive你知道我一直都支持of your exploration of Sherlock's work,你对夏洛克工作的研究but your pattern with him has become troubling.但是你和他相处的模式已经成问题了For one thing, you haven't told him第一,你没告诉他you're no longer being paid to serve as his sober companion.你现在做他的陪护已经没薪水了And now it sounds as if your life而且现在听起来好像is at risk in his home.你生活在他家很危险Oh, he would agree with you.他会同意你的He's been pushing me to learn self-defense.他已经在教我自卫了When's the last time you talked about boundaries with him?你最后一次和他谈论底线是什么时候Oh, I-I talk about them all the time.我一直都在和他说He-he doesn't always listen.他没有每次都听May I give you my professional opinion?我能告诉你我的专业观点吗Please.请说It's time you moved on, found a new client.你该离开了,找个新的客户It's been a grand adventure,和福尔摩斯在一起的几个月these last few months with Sherlock,是一场华丽的冒险but it's run its course.但那总会过去的But I'm not staying with him for some "Grand adventure."但我不是因为"华丽的冒险"和他在一起His work placed you in real physical danger.他的工作让你身陷险境You could have been killed.你可能会丧命You claim he respects you, that he cares about your safety.你说他尊重你,在乎你的安危If he really cares,要是他真的在乎and if he's really as smart as you say he is, tell me,而他又真的像你说的那样聪明,告诉我why isn't he the one telling you to move on?为什么他没有让你离开Is another test of my reflexes?又想测试我的反应Because you're about to see how quickly i can call the police.因为你就要看到我报警有多快了Watson, you startled me.华生,你吓到我了Sorry about the din.对不起吵到你了I needed something to obscure the sound我需要点东西来遮盖of my ballistics exam.我弹道测试的声音This is a residence.这是住宅There are people that live in this neighborhood.隔壁住着人You don't do a ballistics exam here.你不能在这儿做弹道测试As a matter of fact,事实上you don't do a ballistics exam, period.你什么时候都不能做弹道测试You let the police do them.你要让警方来做Of course, you're right.当然,你是对的But I'm afraid, in this instance,但是,这种情况下surrendering this weapon to the police把枪上交警方was the last thing I could do.对我来说是下下策Glad you got my message.很高兴你收到了我的信息I just wanted to tell you that I reached out.我只是想告诉你我发现了一点Some of my old people, they like their toys.我有些老朋友,他们喜欢摆弄枪You know how to tune up an MP5, these boys know you.你知道怎么调整MP5 他们就认识你Man, what did I say?天呐,我说了什么Hold up, hold up.等等,等等I got a name. Tico Bettis.我搞到个名字,蒂可·贝蒂斯Out of Bed-Stuy.住在贝德福德斯泰弗森特郊外If he's the one who tweaked that gun, he might know who used it.如果是他改的枪,他可能知道是谁用的You're welcome.不用谢我You're not allowed to be in contact with your old people.你被禁止接触你的老朋友们I called a couple of old friends我叫了些老朋友'cause my brother got shot at.因为我兄弟被人打伤了You don't think the NYPD knows about Tico?你以为纽约警局不知道蒂可吗My boss talked to him and five just like him我的头和他还有五个像他一样的人谈过话before they pulled my car out the gutter.然后他们把我的车从水沟里拉出来了He's clean.他是清白的Your PO finds out you've been talking你的监护发现你和你的老朋友谈话to your old friends, you go back in.你就得回监狱了For what? Nothing.为什么,不为什么Hey, hey, I just wanted to help, man.我只是想帮忙,兄弟Why don't you help yourself for a change, huh?你为什么不帮助自己作出改变You can't understand that I... that I...你不能理解的that I might want to do something that matters?我可能想做些大事Look, I know what you're going through.我知道你在经历什么No, no, man, you got no idea. Andre...不,兄弟,你不知道, 安德烈You got no idea what this is like.你不明白我的感受But who knows?但谁知道呢Maybe someday也许有一天you will.你会明白的So, I got a text to be here?我收到短信,让我来这里Yeah, he needs to talk to you about something.他有事和你谈Are those bullet holes in that dummy?那个人体模型被枪打了吗They are. You know, if you fired a gun in here,是的, 如果你在屋内开枪I could arrest you. I do.我可以逮捕你, 我知道Someone want to tell me what the hell is going on?能告诉我这是怎么一回事吗Sherlock thinks that someone's trying to frame you夏洛克认为有人想要嫁祸你for the murder of Curtis Bradshaw.谋杀柯蒂斯·布拉德肖Look, if this is about those Pergottis again,如果这还是有关柏高帝鞋的we're talking about a boot这种鞋在城里you could buy in any department store in the city.任何一家商店都买得到If the guy who killed Bradshaw wanted me to take the fall,如果谋杀布拉德肖的人想这样嫁祸我he's the worst frame-up artist I've ever seen.这真是我见过最差的栽赃嫁祸了The boots were only the first part of the plan.鞋子只是第一步The gun was the second.枪是第二步What gun? What are you talking about?什么枪,你在说什么Where'd you get that?你从哪里得到的这个Your home.你家No sooner had I entered your bathroom today今天我一进浴室than I noticed the unmistakable scent就闻到了一股味道of a recently expended firearm.刚开过枪的味道I followed it to an air-conditioning vent,我寻着气味找到通气管道处found this nine-millimeter tucked inside.在那里找到了这个九毫米口径的枪I've never seen that gun before in my life.我从没见过这把枪I believe you.我相信你Yet it was the last thing Curtis Bradshaw saw in his.但确实是这把枪杀了布拉德肖I just compared the slugs I fired into that dummy我比对了人体模特的子弹洞with images from the ones recovered from Mr. Bradshaw's body.和布拉德肖案发现场的照片Perfect match.完全匹配I just heard back from the lab.我刚从实验室得到消息They confirmed this is the gun他们确认是这把枪that was used to kill Curtis Bradshaw.杀死柯蒂斯·布拉德肖Do tell.是啊I'm glad you found it.很感谢你发现了这个What exactly compelled you to go poke around是什么驱使你在布拉德肖被杀的in Dumpsters in the neighborhood where Bradshaw was shot?居民区四处打探呢A hunch.直觉Well, I'm glad you found it.还是感谢你发现这个What I'm less glad about但我不太高兴的是is that there were no prints recovered.没能从枪上提取到指纹So, technically,所以,严格说来you're still a suspect in the shooting.你还是这起案件的嫌疑犯I.A. Hasn't given you any grief yet, have they?内务部还没找你麻烦吧Not yet.还没All right, well, keep your cool,好的,你保持冷静and we'll keep trying to figure out我们继续追查who pulled the trigger.看能不能找到凶手是谁All right.好的You were uncomfortable with the lie that we've told.你刚才说谎的时候很镇定啊You shouldn't be. Easy for you to say.你不该这样, 说得容易Why? Because I'm a mere consultant为什么,因为我只是个顾问and you're a real policeman, huh?而你是个真正的警察You think I don't have as much respect你认为我没有你那么for the captain as you do?尊重警监No, of course not.没有,当然没有I removed the gun from your apartment for two reasons.我把枪从你公寓带走有两个原因Firstly, I'm absolutely certain一,我很确定that you didn't shoot Curtis Bradshaw. Why?你没有杀死柯蒂斯·布拉德肖Because only an idiot would've brought the gun因为只有傻瓜才会把作案工具back to his apartment after he'd used it.带回自己的公寓And you, Detective, are not an idiot.而你并不是傻瓜Thank you.谢谢Secondly, I don't want to put our friend, the captain,二,我不想让我们共同的朋友in the unenviable position of having to open a case也就是警监处在一个艰难的境地against his favored apprentice and right-hand man.不得不对他最信赖的助手展开调查If he knew this gun was found in your apartment,如果他知道这把枪是从你公寓找到的he would have no choice but to inform Internal Affairs.他只能上报给内务部The last thing our investigation needs right now我们现在最不需要的is a jaunt around the bureaucratic maypole,就是复杂的官方程序wouldn't you agree?你同意吗So, what now?那现在呢I would like to take a second look at your apartment.我需要再查一查你的公寓Just out of curiosity, Detective,出于好奇,警探how many of those do you have-- keys to your apartment?你公寓钥匙一共有几把呢Why do you want to know?知道这个做什么Your framer obviously didn't force their way in,陷害你的人并没有破门而入so they either picked the lock or they have a key.所以他们不是撬锁就是有钥匙No.就这一把You're certain? Of course.你确定, 当然Look, go to my place, do that thing you do.听着,你去我公寓,查你的I'll keep trying to think of suspects.我再想想有没有可疑的人If anyone comes to mind, I'll call you.如果我想到了什么,就给你打电话Andre?安德烈Over here.这里So what is it you couldn't say to me over the phone?你有什么不能在电话里和我说Oh, wait. I'm sorry. Aren't you worried不好意思,你不担心somebody here may figure out we're family?这样别人会知道我们是兄弟吗I want to talk to you about Curtis Bradshaw.我想和你谈谈柯蒂斯·布拉德肖Nah, see, I'm not allowed to discuss criminal activity.不行,我不能讨论犯罪行为You were pretty clear about that last night.我们昨晚说得很清楚了Would you please listen?你能听我说吗Somebody's trying to frame me for murder.有人想要把谋杀罪名嫁祸给我That drive-by was just a stunt.之前开车射击我只是前戏Somebody put Bradshaw's stink on it,有人重提布拉德肖这事trying to fit me for a motive.给了我合适的犯罪动机Then they killed the man, and they...然后他们杀了那个人hid the gun in my house.还把枪藏在我的公寓里Are you serious?你是认真的吗Oh, we got a few leads.我们已经有几条线索了Obviously, he knows where I live,很明显,凶手知道我住在哪里had a way to get in quick, quiet.能随意进出我的房子And we know he wears Pergottis boots.他还穿柏高帝的靴子Just like the ones that were in that box of clothes在你出狱的时候,我给过你I gave you when you first got out.一模一样的鞋You think it's me. I didn't say that.你认为是我干的, 我没这么说Yeah, you did. Hey, Andre...你就是这个意思, 安德烈Well, that's why you brought me down here, right?这就是你叫我来的目的吗Just in case you were right,如果你的猜测是对的you could throw me in a cell somewhere.你可以随时把我扔回监狱I mean, it's not like I could bring a gun up in here with...我也不可能带着枪来这里Hey, you stayed with me when you first got out.你出狱后和我住过一段时间You could have made a copy of my house key.你可能配了我家的钥匙Then, last night, you said, maybe someday昨晚,你又说也许有一天I would know what it was like to be you?我能理解坐牢是什么感觉What, and you thought that meant I would try to...什么,你认为我说这话是想...Look, things have been bad听着,我们之间的关系between us for a long time, Andre.一直不好,安德烈No, things have been bad不,我们关系不好ever since you decided to become a cop.是从你决定当警察开始的I should have joined a gang, like you?我也该像你一样加入黑社会吗Gone out and run a corner?出去霸占一个街角吗You know, I've sacrificed everything for you.我为你牺牲了一切You did what came easy to you.不,你做了对你来说最容易的事The only thing you ever sacrificed were years你唯一牺牲的是这些年的时间you could have shaved off your sentence在你被捕时,如果你供出同伙if you had rolled on your friends when you got arrested.你是可以减刑的Years you could have spent with me, with mom.那些时间你可以用来陪我,陪母亲Please, if that was you拜托,如果那天晚上shot up my car the other night,是你开枪射击我的车if you had anything to do如果你和柯蒂斯·布拉德肖with what happened to Curtis Bradshaw,谋杀案有关的话now is the time to tell me.现在就告诉我Now is the time to let me try and help you.让我来帮你Andre?安德烈Andre?安德烈Bell! Bell!贝尔,贝尔Hey, back.别动Back! Hey, it's okay. It's fine.别动,没事It's all right. He's my brother.没事,他是我哥哥Oh, I take it the bathroom is also a bust.看来浴室也没收获That depends.不一定Can you think of any reason你能想出that Bell would have a lingerie catalogue为什么贝尔有一个内衣目录吗in which your head has been superimposed也就是现在出现在你脑海里的on almost all of the models?那些模特身上的内衣He hasn't, but can you think of any reason he would?他没有,但你能想出上述原因吗Okay, you're just frustrated because你现在很失落we've been here for a few hours因为我们已经来了几个小时了and we haven't found anything.却还是一无所获I'm annoyed because we haven't found anything.我很生气,因为我们什么都没找到I'm frustrated because,我很沮丧despite the recent attempt on a colleague's life,你不仅生活受到威胁you still haven't agreed to learn self-defense.还不同意学习自我防卫You know, I appreciate your concern with my safety, I really do,我很感谢你最近对我的关心,真的but I think we need to have a conversation about boundaries.但我觉得我们有必要谈谈底限的问题Okay, you know, you've given me this incredible window你带给我这段与你共事的奇妙经历into what you do, and you know what?但你知道吗It is fascinating, but at the end of the day,虽然这很美妙,不过说到底I am not your apprentice. I am your sober companion.我不是你的助手,我只是你的康戒陪护No, you're not! No, you are not.不,你不是,不,你不是You haven't been for quite some time.你已经不是陪护很久了Sherlock, what are you...? I know that夏洛克,你说什... 我知道you lied to me several weeks ago when you said几周前你说我父亲同意延长合同that my father had renewed your contract.那是在撒谎I found out when I telephoned him last week.上周我给他打电话的时候知道的I'm not angry.我没有生气If anything, I am grateful.相反,我很感激You saw that I was in a raw state,你知道我状态低迷and you stayed to see me through it.所以留下帮我度过难关Now, when I learned of the lie, however,不过,当我发现你的谎言的时候I-I deliberately adopted a more sanguine mood.我故意表现出更乐观的情绪I wanted you to see that I was well again我想要你觉得我已经恢复了so you could... move on.所以你能离开But the most curious thing happened.但最不可思议的事情发生了You stayed.你选择留下Days passed, then a week.几天过去了,一周过去了It became clearer and clearer越来越明显that you were not staying for me,你留下不是为了我but for yourself.而是为你自己Sherlock, I... It's difficult for you to say aloud, I know,夏洛克,我... 我知道这对你来说难以启齿so I won't ask you to.所以我不会要你开口Rather, I would ask you to consider a proposal.恰恰相反,我想请你考虑一下我的建议Stay on permanently.永远地留下Not as my sober companion, but as my companion.不是作为我的康戒陪护,而是人生伴侣Allow me to continue to teach you.让我继续指导你Assist me in my investigations.继续协助我调查破案In return, you will receive a stipend作为回报,你的薪水that will at least equal the salary my father was paying you.至少高于我父亲支付你的数额You don't even have a source of income.你哪来的收入来源I have certain funds set aside.我名下有几个基金You may continue to reside at the brownstone,你可以继续住在我家you may reside elsewhere.或者另觅他处You may also consider yourself relieved of any and all你也不用承担任何confidentiality burdens with regards to my sobriety.为我戒毒期间保密的责任See, this is an important decision,明白吗,这是个重大决定and I encourage you to discuss it with others.我建议你找人商量一下Explain what you have been to me...理清你对于我的意义and what I believe you can be to me.我相信你能成为我的Partner.伙伴Oh, and lest you think that this is an act of,未免你把这当成是uh, charity, a gift from a grateful client,一个心怀感激的客户对你的回报let me assure you, it is not.我向你保证,这不是I am... better with you, Watson.有你在,我能表现得更好,华生Um, I'm sharper, I'm more focused.我能更敏锐,更专注Difficult to say why, exactly.我也不明白是为什么Perhaps, in time, I'll solve that, as well.也许假以时日,我能想明白这点Andre?安德烈Look, I know you're in there. I can hear the TV.我知道你在里面,我能听见电视的声音I just... I want to apologize for what I said before.我只想为之前的话向你道歉I never should have called you down to the station like that.我不该那样责备你Can you just... Andre?你能... 安德烈Andre, you in here?安德烈,你在里面吗Andre!安德烈Hold on. Hold on.挺住,坚持住Yeah. This is Detective Marcus Bell,我是马库斯·贝尔警探badge number 42819.警号42819I need an bus at 73 Parsons Boulevard.请立刻派车到帕森斯大道73号Male shot at the scene.有男性遭到枪击Be advised, the victim... is my brother.请注意,受害者,是我哥哥Come here.过来It's interesting.真有意思We were in Detective Bell's apartment今天下午我们在贝尔警探的for four hours this afternoon.公寓里待了四个小时I saw nothing that would indicate he had a brother.却没发现任何关于他有个哥哥的线索Well, he did say before he left for the hospital他在去医院之前确实说过that they were not on the best of terms.他们的关系不是很好Still... I'm me.但以我的水平,怎么会没发现You've been staring at that message你盯着那行血字for over five minutes now.超过五分钟了Have I?是吗I don't think it's a coded message.我不觉得这里面有什么密码No. No, but it's admirable, though, isn't it?不,但这很感人,不是吗I mean, whoever tried to frame Detective Bell我是说,想要陷害贝尔警探的人clearly had the same idea here.打的也是这个主意I foiled the first frame-up when I delivered我把那把9毫米口径手枪交给警方the nine-millimeter to the police.并说是我找到的I said that I found it, hmm?破坏了第一次陷害They tried a second attempt.所以他们又试了第二次Detective Bell's sibling lost consciousness,在贝尔警探的兄弟昏迷之前but before he did, he makes a valiant attempt他拼尽全力留下信息to make sure that he doesn't end up a prop in that masquerade.不让自己成为陷害者的帮凶How do you know it was the same shooter?你怎么知道开枪的是同一个人Andre is an ex-convict.安德烈有前科His legal file is over four inches thick.他的犯罪记录堆积如山Who knows what kind of trouble he might have been in?谁知道他惹了什么麻烦Obviously, Andre Bell knew that he wasn't in any at all.显然,安德烈·贝尔知道自己没惹别的麻烦Why else would he use what might have been his last breath否则为什么他要用最后一口气to try and clear his brother?帮自己的弟弟洗脱嫌疑He understood what this was.他明白到底发生了什么事Look.过来看You see the slight declivity in the dirt?看见泥土上的那个轻微斜坡了吗If that's not another partial Pergotti footprint如果那不是另一个用来陷害meant to implicate Detective Bell,贝尔警探的局部柏高帝鞋印I'll stop throwing tennis balls at you.我就再也不用网球丢你了You can tell what that is all the way from here?从这你就能知道那是什么吗Don't you think it's time for us是不是该告诉格雷森警监to tell Captain Gregson about the framer?有人故意栽赃陷害I think I would like to discuss it with the detective first.我想应该先找警探商量I obviously put certain wheels in motion要不是我把手枪从他的公寓里拿走when I removed the handgun from his apartment.也许今天的事就不会发生I don't want to make another move without his consent.所以我不想在没征得他同意前,再冒然行事I'll tell him.我会告诉他的You were just trying你只是想帮我洗脱罪名to help me out, and him.也是在帮他He'll understand, but...他会理解的,而且...but I think he'll take it better coming from me.我觉得由我告诉他比较好Look, this isn't right.这不对劲They said they were gonna close him up二十分钟前医生就说20 minutes ago.准备缝合了It takes time.这要花时间It's a good sign they decided to suture.他们准备缝合是好事You saved his life.你救了他的命If anyone could take two slugs如果说有人背后挨两枪to the back and pull through,还能活下来的话it's Andre.那一定是安德烈He's a stubborn bastard.他是个顽固的混蛋Today that is a good thing.今天看来这是好事About time it started working for him--也正是因为他的顽固ruined the last three years of his life.白白毁了他过去三年的时间What do you mean?这话什么意思Nothing. I just...没什么,我只是...never quite forgave him for staying in as long as he did.没法原谅他宁愿在牢里待这么久A while back, I cashed in a big favor前阵子,我费了好大力气to get him an early parole hearing.帮他争取到提前假释听证会的机会But the dope...但那个笨蛋he wouldn't play ball.他不愿意配合All he had to do was identify his gang's drug hookup.他只要交代为黑帮提供毒品的上线就行Mind you, the police already knew who the guy was.注意,警方已经知道那是谁了He was serving ten to 20.只要他开口,就能从20年刑期减为10年But Andre has his code.但安德烈仍然坚守原则He wouldn't talk; served his full term.他不愿交待,所以服满了刑期It was you.是你You were the one who blew the whistle是你揭发了那个on the Curtis Bradshaw detail.柯蒂斯·布拉德肖的案子What?什么I looked at some of Andre's files tonight.我今晚看过一些安德烈的档案文件His first parole hearing was June 2009,他的第一次假释听证会是在2009年6月one month after Mickey Hudson就在米基·哈德森警探was busted for planting evidence.因为陷害罪被捕一个月之后I don't know what you're talking about.我不知道你在说什么It fits.这说得通Your place is immaculate.你的家一尘不染Your sock drawer is immaculate.就连放袜子的抽屉也井井有条You're a straight shooter in every corner of your life,你在生活的方方面面都是一个正直严谨的人and your frustration with Andre because he wouldn't talk...你和安德烈闹僵也是因为他不愿意交待I don't see why it matters.我不明白这有什么关系It matters, Detective. Did you earn the favor这有关系,警探,你到底有没有by informing on your boss or not?揭发你的上司I wasn't gonna watch some dirtbag plant evidence.我不能坐视那些小人栽赃嫁祸别人That wasn't right. Someone had to speak up.不能那么做,必须有人站出来说话So what? So what?那又怎样, 那又怎样We've been looking at the wrong pool of suspects.那让我们怀疑错了对象Anyone from the old detail would have had the requisite skills那次特派任务里的任何人都有and the motive to carry out these crimes.能力和动机来作案They'd want to see you punished.他们希望你受到惩罚Nobody knew.这事没人知道Perhaps they found out.也许就被他们发现了You wanted to see me, Captain?您要见我吗,警监Have a seat, Officer Reyes.请坐,雷伊斯警官Did I do something wrong?我做错了什么事吗Oh, we have reason to believe you did several things wrong.我们有理由相信你做错了好几件事Shooting up Detective Bell's car,就好比,向贝尔警探的车for example.开枪Killing Curtis Bradshaw.杀害柯蒂斯·布拉德肖Planting the murder weapon in Bell's residence.将凶器栽赃藏于贝尔家中Shooting his brother when the first frame-up went sideways.又在第一次陷害失败后枪击他哥哥Wha... what?什么We recently had occasion to take a very careful look我们碰巧仔细查看了at the members of the Curtis Bradshaw detail who worked2009年和米基·哈德森警探一同参与with Detective Mickey Hudson柯蒂斯·布拉德肖特派行动的in 2009, and there you were.警员名单,其中就有你Yeah, and?是啊,那又如何Well, you looked up to Hudson, you respected him.你敬仰哈德森,很尊敬他He wrote you a recommendation when you applied当你申请晋升去扫黄组时for promotion to the vice squad.就是他给你写的推荐信Yeah, he was good police.没错,他是个好警察Well, there are some members of Internal Affairs有些内务部的同事who would disagree with you.可不这么认为The rat squad?就那帮家伙I never much cared what they thought.我从不在意他们怎么想Well, Detective Evan Carlyle,那帮家伙里的of the rat squad,伊万·卡莱尔警探would be most disappointed to hear you say that.听到你这么说会特别失望We know that you've been seeing him on and off我们知道这几个月你们俩for the past few months.在断断续续地约会And we strongly suspect我们强烈怀疑it had something to with gaining access to his你这么做是企图偷看他的most sensitive files.机密文件Three years ago, when I.A. first三年前,当内务部对started to investigate Hudson,哈德森展开调查时they came to suspect that maybe you had helped him steal他们曾怀疑是你协助他窃取了the drugs that wended their way into Curtis Bradshaw's home.栽赃到柯蒂斯·布拉德肖家中的毒品Yeah, they questioned me.他们的确有询问过我I told them I had nothing to do with it.我说了这事跟我没关系And Hudson backed your story, probably哈德森也是这么说because he'd already decided to kill himself.可能因为他已经打算自杀了Why's he gonna ruin your life既然已无心恋世when he'd already decided to end his own?就没必要把你也拖下水了But you still had a black mark against you.但局里还是对你存有怀疑Department couldn't take any real action against you,虽然不能对你采取任何处分but you were told vice was never gonna happen.但也明确告知你进扫黄组是没戏了You were undeterred.你却迎难而上You applied three more times.接连又申请了三回After your most recent rejection,最近一次被否决后I imagine you were incensed.我猜你已经出离愤怒了You simply had to know--这次你一定要知道who was it who tipped off I.A. as to Hudson's transgressions?是谁向内务部揭发了哈德森的违纪行为Must have broken your heart when you found out当你知道那人是贝尔警探时that it was Detective Bell.一定心都碎了Someone you had dated.你们曾经是情侣Someone who'd given you the key to his apartment.他还给过你他家的钥匙You must've known-- he made no mention要知道,他向内务部报告时of your name when he filed his report.完全未提及你的名字He had absolutely no clue as to your involvement.他根本不知道你有参与其中When we told him a short while ago-- stunned.刚才我们告诉他时,他惊呆了You have a problem with me, Captain?你对我有意见吗,警监Take it up with my union rep.去跟我的工会代表抱怨吧So, we visited your home this morning.今早我们去了趟你家Um, would you care可否请你to explain these?解释一下这些Shoelace eyelets.鞋带扣眼From a pair of Pergotti boots.是柏高帝靴子上的The same boots you used你就是用这双鞋to plant footprints that you knew would lead back故意留下脚印,深知这样会让贝尔警探to Detective Bell.成为疑犯You torched them in your garage,你在车库里把鞋烧了but those didn't burn.但这些扣眼却毁不掉Does the name Denny Vargas mean anything to you?你对丹尼·瓦格斯这个名字有印象吗Should do-- you arrested him two months ago应该有的,两个月前你在他家里in his home.将他逮捕It was suspected that Vargas was maintaining瓦格斯被怀疑持有an arsenal of untraceable, unregistered firearms.大量未经注册的枪支武器Strangely none of those firearms were seized奇怪的是你在逮捕过程中没有by you during the arrest.缴获任何枪支Well, not officially anyway.应该说,没有记录在案The assault on Detective Bell's car was done贝尔警探的车是被一把改装过的MP5with a modified MP5.袭击的Bradshaw was killed with a Colt nine-millimeter.布拉德肖是被一把柯尔特九毫米枪杀的And Andre Bell was shot而安德烈,贝尔是被with an as yet undiscovered口径为22毫米手枪射中.22 caliber pistol.凶器尚未找到The lab ran tests, and the bullet profiles经实验室化验,这三起案件中的for these attacks match several of the crimes子弹与丹尼·瓦格斯之前作案时committed by Denny Vargas.使用的子弹完全相符It's interesting, no?这很有趣,是不是You arrest him, his guns disappear.你逮捕了他,他的枪支失踪Could it be, Officer Reyes,雷伊斯警官,会不会是that you are stockpiling your own personal armory你自己将无法追踪的枪支of untraceable guns?私藏起来了呢Oh, why am I not surprised he's not here?我终于明白他为什么不在场了Bell.贝尔He would never say anything like this to my face.他不可能当着我的面说这样的话It's not his style.他不是这样的人Officer Paula Reyes was arrested this morning...宝拉·雷伊斯今早被捕...So even if she pleads out,那么就算她认罪求情that'll be life, right?也会判她终生监禁,对吧Probably.大概是吧You remember Sharise?你还记得夏瑞斯吗She cut the spokes on my bike我俩七年级分手时when we broke up in the seventh grade.她割断了我自行车上的辐条But that's the worst thing any of my exes tried to do to me.但那是我前女友对我做过最狠的报复了Andre, about what I said the other day,安德烈,我那天跟你说的话asking you if you, uh...问你是否...Don't.别说了You don't have to say anything.你什么都不必说了No, I do.不,我要说I do. I'm sorry.我得说,很抱歉I, uh...我...It's cool, Marcus.没事的,马库斯It's cool, seriously.真的没事I-I got to ask.有件事我得问你The note you left?你留下的那句话"Was not Marcus"?"不是马库斯"You told me someone tried to frame you for a shooting.你跟我说过有人想陷害你杀人I-I don't know.我也不知道I just figured maybe it was the same guy.就想着也许想杀我的也是同一个人No, I know, but...这我知道,可是we-we fought yesterday.我们昨天才大吵了一架You were shot in the back.你是从背后被射中的No way you saw who did it.你不可能看到是谁开的枪No way you could've known for sure it wasn't me.不可能确定那一定不是我But I did know.但我确实知道I know you.我了解你And you got to look out for family.你总是会照顾家人Even when they disappoint you.即便是他们让你失望了You're rearranging the locks again.你又在整理这些锁了You're doing it by...这次你是按照...date of manufacture,出厂日期earliest to latest. Yep.由早到晚, 对Seems like the most sensible way to display them.这似乎是展示它们的最佳方案This week anyway.反正本周是这样I like to be paid on Thursdays.我希望在周四拿薪水And since I don't have an apartment既然我现在没有自己的房子right now, I will stay here rent-free我会继续住在这里,不交房租until I find something else.直到我找到合适的住所And you will continue going你也要继续跟我to group support meetings with me参加互助会for as long as we work together.只要我们一同共事就不会中断Congratulations on your new career, Watson.恭喜你开启了新的职业,华生Just one more thing for this to work.还差一件事才算完满And what's that?什么事Could have been a knife.说不定会是把刀呢